About the Program

Since it’s official beginning in 2008, the Borrowed Freedom program has brought the gifts of equine assisted learning and equine assisted therapies to hundreds…all at no cost to the client.

Our program creates opportunities for program development, and no cost access to the quality equine assisted services. Through grants, and the generous support of individuals, businesses, and corporate giving, we provide the financial assistance individuals and families need to benefit from our sponsored programs. The scholarships are for full sessions (8-12 weeks) of the Willis Ashley Foley Jr. Warriors and War Horses program for Veterans, the HOPE on Horseback program for women and girls, and on a limited, case by case basis, for Adaptive (Therapeutic) Riding, Equine Assisted Learning, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, and Hippotherapy.


The programs we offer are facilitated by an experienced and highly qualified team who hold national certifications in Equine Assisted Learning, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Hippotherapy, Therapeutic Exercise, and Wellness Coaching, as well as alternative therapies such as Reiki and Yoga.

Our work is developed to help humans in need, but we are also advocates for horses. Without them, there are no equine assisted programs! Our experience in the field has led to extensive academic research into the well being of the horses that are the heart of an equine activities and therapy program.  We believe that there is no benefit to the client if the services they receive come as the result of overwork, pain, stress and trauma to the horse. And we believe that no client or family would want to receive services if they knew it came at such a cost. However, we do understand the need for consistent services, especially with medical treatment. To meet the needs of clients, we are currently exploring the option of becoming a full year program with services available at farms in Broome, Chenango and Tioga counties, in addition to the seasonal programming at our farm. This will allow us to continue our commitment to the welfare of the horses, while continuing the services to the clients who love them.

What We Ask In Return

The costs to deliver a 10 week session is approximately $1200-1600 depending upon the service offered. Equine Assisted programs are costly to deliver due to the expenses associated with the care of horses, high level of training required for volunteers, and the equipment and supplies we need. We meet our scholarship needs through fundraising, donor support, limited grants, and events. Borrowed Freedom receives no reimbursement from insurance, nor are we funded by any state or federal government agency.

Because participants will be receiving a substantial gift of resources, we ask that clients who receive their services through the BFEAT Scholarship program give back to BFEAT though our many fundraising drives, events, volunteerism and service through outreach initiatives.

The scholarships should be considered an investment made into yourself and others, not simply a monetary gift based on financial circumstances. We aren’t offering a free riding program when it comes to these scholarships, instead, we use our program as a catalyst for change, where everyone works together for the greater good of the program and horses, just as we do for the good of the participant.

This system achieves several important levels of success including the financial health and stability of the program, a sense of community pride, improved sense of self-image and compassion, parents setting a charitable example for their children, and children learning the joys of volunteerism, and a healthy example of ethics and responsibility. Not only that, but it produces some pretty amazing horse people too.